About Us


is considered as one of the leading and oldest publisher of silk screen printing and embroidery in Cambodia which was established in 1993. We have a lot of experiences in this field with individual customers both domestics and international. We provide a specialized services in printing on fabric, textiles, clothes, metals, platsics,… and in 2007 as the market expanded and to fulfil customer needs, we have provided embroidery
Since then our sales went larger, and we were successful with our business. Since our sales boost, we have seen another opportunities to fulfil the market demand. So in 2010, we provided another services called: “Promotional products”, such as pens, usb drives, power banks, wristbands, keychains, mugs, bottles, traveling bags, tote bags, eco-bags,
umbrellas, etc.
Through continuous innovation and a distribution network IMPE adds significant value to its customer’s processes and products.